SMICO Topsoil Screener

SMICO has recently added an economical topsoil screener to its line of heavy duty screens.  We've taken all the popular features from our scalping screen and customized the topsoil screen to fit the needs of the soil reclaimation, compost and topsoil industries.  SMICO topsoil screeners are easily mounted to your chassis or skid making them portable.  Our dirt screen features some of the highest processing capabilities and are perfectly suited to operations which require high volume, stationary production capabilities.

Add a Skid or Chassis to Make Your Topsoil Screener Portable!

Standard topsoil screeners lack the action necessary to clear near sized and sticky particles from the screen surface.  In addition, most topsoil screens are capable of  only one separation.  The SMICO topsoil screen however, was designed with the same principles that the heavy-duty aggregate screens employ to handle large rock and minerals.  As a result, your operation enjoys more efficient, multiple separation processing.  Combined with the huge set of SMICO customization options you are able to mobilize and adapt your screen to fit whatever project you might encounter!

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SMICO Topsoil Screener

Basic Features

  • Affordable - SMICO Topsoil Screens are Priced for Any Budget
  • Flexible - Can be Electrically or Hydraulically Powered
  • Efficient - Powerful Drives Make for High Output Performance
  • Reliable - Built from Proven Designs by a 75 Year Old Company
  • Customizable - SMICO Specializes in Meeting Your Specifications
  • Tough - Built to Rigorous Heavy Duty Standards


More Options

  • Ball Decks
  • Chasis or Skid Mount
  • Wear Liners
  • Customizable Hopper
  • Hydraulic or Electric Motors
  • Multiple Separations
  • Carbon or Stainless Construction
  • Customizable Discharge and Feed Box

In addition to the topsoil screener SMICO has also developed an asphalt screen!

Available Sizes

View Complete List of SMICO Topsoil Screener Sizes


  • Dirt
  • Topsoil
  • Compost
  • Wood
  • Light Aggregates
  • Sand
  • Garbage
  • Lead Shot
Ball Deck
High Capacity
Screen Variety
Vibrating Engine