SMICO Round Sifter

SMICO Round Sifters use a special motion created by a patented motor to achieve their low impact sifting action.  While not as efficient as traditional brute force vibrating screens, the circular sifter features compact sifting and is ideal for spaces where inline sifting is required.  Each circular screener is custom assembled from our wide array of options, to match your particular requirements.

The Round Sifter Accepts Screen Cloth Down to 250 Mesh!

Versatility is the strength of the circular screener. Variables like amplitude and speed are easily adjusted and allow the user to quickly find the optimum performance range of the sifter in their application.  The features that you get with a SMICO sifter assure you of an investment in reliability and ease of operation in your application.  In addition, the modular construction of the round screener means easy use and quick maintenance for your production staff.  Stainless construction provides durable and strong performance in a package that makes this industrial siftereasy to clean.

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SMICO Round Sifter

Basic Features

  • Small Footprint
  • Almost No Maintenance
  • Very Low Impact Motion
  • Clean Design with Minimal Corners
  • Food Grade Construction
  • Useful in Many Applications

More Options

  • Top Cover
  • Top Ports
  • Side Ports
  • Quick Release Clamps
  • Casters
  • Inlet Deflectors
  • Special Tensioned Screen
  • Anti-Blinding Sliders
  • Ball Cleaners
  • Dust Vents
  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • Perforated Sheet Screen

SMICO sifters can include an optional bag dump station for even more value!


Available Sizes

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  • Spices
  • Candy 
  • Industrial Powder
  • Dairy Products
  • Sugar & Syrup
  • Corn and Grain
  • Nuts and Seeds 
  • Liquids and Slurry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • and much more!
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