SMICO Linear Screener

The SMICO linear screener offers a highly efficient approach to screening.  In addition, this drive can be adapted to a variety of applications including feeding, conveying, scalping, sifting and classifying.  It's inertially coupled, dual shaft drive creates a linear motion which can propel material at speeds up to 60 fpm allowing it to make quick work of any material in even the toughest conditions.

The SMICO Linear Screener is Highly Efficient & Extremely Flexible!

The linear screen can also be set at a variety of operating angles to dial in its most effective operation parameters.  In spite of its high level of flexibility the linear vibrating screen is easy to operate and simple to maintain.  The drive mechanism is easy to access and wear parts like bearings and seals can be quickly changed to get you back up and running!  For heavy duty applications try our Triple Shaft Horizontal Screen.

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SMICO Linear Screener

Basic Features

  • Smooth Action: Minimum Force Transfer
  • Flexible Performance
  • Powerful Dual-Shaft Drive
  • Efficient:  Superior Motion to Other Designs
  • Dependable Drive Design
  • Engineered to Your Specifications

More Options

  • Carbon Steel Construction Standard
  • Food Grade Construction
  • Accommodates a Variety of Screen Media
  • Quick Change Screen System
  • Cable Hang Kit
  • Self Cleaning Screens
  • CIP Cleaning Systems
  • Inspection Ports
  • Ball Decks
  • Stainless Steel Construction


Available Sizes

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  • Cement
  • Slurry Dewatering
  • Powdered Chemicals
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Pellets
  • Clay
  • Sand/Abrasives
Ball Deck
Cable Hang System
Vibrating Engine
Stainless Steel