Recycling | C&D | Waste

When you come to SMICO seeking recycling equipment solutions for handling your C&D or waste materials, you can count on certain things. One of these is that we will customize our equipment to suit your business, rather than trying to convince you that you can bend your process to use a one-size-fits-all equipment design. Instead of using a cookie-cutter approach with our equipment, we have based our business success over the past 70 years on communication, quality, customization and value.

We recognize that recycling facilities process a wide variety of materials ranging from plastics and powders to metal and construction debris. This one fact alone means that recycling equipment must be flexible and responsive to the needs of application at hand. That's why we want to hear about your recycling plant layout and process and understand more about the particular materials your company processes regularly. We need to learn about the environment and footprint in which you would consider installing our equipment. We will also have questions about the materials you will be handling in your process with such specifics as particle size and incidence of bulky materials.

Recycling Equipment on Your Timetable

Armed with all this information, we are better able to assemble equipment that will fit your needs. The same approach applies to our commitment to do all we can to get our recycling equipment to an operational state inside your facility on the timetable that you require. For small capacity or light duty recycling equipment, our usual lead times are less than four weeks, but if you require expedited delivery, we will work to meet your deadline or give you our best delivery date before starting your order. Large or heavy duty waste equipment may take up to 12 weeks for delivery.

Symons Screens are Ideal for Recycling Equipment Applications!

SMICO has recently finalized the purchase of Symons Screens. Symons is known throughout the world for its highly efficient, heavy duty designs. The heavy duty nature of the Symons Screen makes it ideal for recycling metal, C&D or waste materials. In addition, the leaf spring style, natural frequency motion of the Symons F-Screen means that your facility can be as efficient as possible!