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Oil Field


SMICO has a 50-year track record of providing quality and value in oil field screening equipment. Throughout that history we’ve worked with some of the most recognized companies in the industry. We’ve established a reputation for doing what it takes to make our customers successful and satisfied. We specialize in OEM manufacture of shale shakers and custom shale shakers for clients with special solids control needs.

Some of our competitors may occasionally offer one of their cookie-cutter units at a cheaper price, but for customers who are savvy enough to distinguish between lasting value and a cheap price, SMICO is the clear choice. The track record of the units that we placed in service decades ago stands as proof.

Many of our oil field screening equipment units have been in service continually since the 1970s. Your company’s accountant will understand the value implicit in that statement. Long after our oil field screening equipment is fully amortized, fully depreciated and a mere memory on your company’s balance sheet, it continues to add value to your income statement.


If you are approaching SMICO for oil field screening equipment for the first time, check out some of our screeners, shakers and separators–such as our popular SMICO Shale Shaker–on our website. The high-speed Shale Shaker sets up well for oil field applications and can be used for drilling fluids and wastewater. We will be glad to discuss any custom assembly needs you may have for the Shale Shaker or any other SMICO product.

Make SMICO your full-service oil field screening equipment manufacturer. We ship parts overnight for all of our machines. If you prefer a rebuilt or upgraded unit to maximize your capital equipment savings, just ask our representative about availability. For customers requiring immediate delivery, please ask about our in stock items.


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