Bulk Material Handling Equipment

SMICO is the leading manufacturer of screening equipment for bulk material handling. We stand behind our products with a track record that dates back to the founding of our company in 1937 and a commitment to the success of your company today and in the future. All of our machines are engineered and built to your specifications, based on our original engineering drawings.

For bulk material handling equipment, many of our customers select the SMICO Horizontal or Linear Drive Screener. These units come with all of the same options and features that are available in our VIBROSET™ and GYRETTE™ series of declined screeners. The unit is driven by a dual motor or twin shaft with mounting options at top or bottom.

SMICO Manufactures Screeners and other Bulk Material Handling Equipment

These units operate with a 45-degree range of motion to ensure that your bulk material is being processed correctly with each year of use. Because the horizontal screening equipment can overcome uneven feeding, it is ideal for the bulk material handling needs of dump-in stations and foundry shake-out operations. It can also operate with tight clearance due to its capacity for uphill screening.

We support all of our bulk material handling equipment with parts, manuals, technical information and unparalleled customer service. Just provide us with the essential information, including your equipment's model and serial numbers and year of manufacture. Our contact information is located at the bottom of each page on our website. Contact SMICO today by telephone, email, or fax at our headquarters in Oklahoma City to schedule a service call, inquire about parts for an existing machine or consult with our sales engineers about a new screening solution.