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Smico-Symons built a vibratory screener for an 8 mesh application for clay. This unit will be used before the furance in a kiln application. Smico-Symons has a combined experience in screeninf over over 160 years. If you have a screening application, feeder application, or scalping application let us help you with your next application. 405-946-1461 or

Smico-Symons was able to build a unit that fit a smaller space requirement that the customer had. This vibratory screener was able to help speed up the customers process. The scalper was able to help stop jamming of other materials down stream. If you have a screening application you would like to discuss please feel free to contact Smico-Symons at 405-946-1461 or

Oklahoma City, OK, Smico-Symons custom built a 3-deck unit with overhead drive for a cement packaging company.  The unit was built with a heavy duty DH2 drive with high frequency elliptical motion. This motion and drive will enhance the tonnage that the customer is able to push through the unit per hour. This will give the cement packaging company more through put in high demand times, without having to move to a larger screen.  The unit was built dust tight with Rubber Coated Nylon sleeves for dust tightness.  With hinged doors for easy of screen changing. There was a...

Two Leading Brands Now Known As SmicoSymons Vibratory Screens


State-Of-The-Art Smico®/Symons® Screens Facility To Cut Lead Times, Improve Efficiency & Accommodate Future Expansion



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