Vibroset Vibrating Separator

Vibroset Vibrating Separators are recommended for low volume applications.   In contrast to circular separators, the Vibroset imparts a highly efficient vertical motion to the process material.  This often results in more accurate sizing from a separator with smaller surface area when compared to a traditional round screen.  In addition, the Vibroset vibrating separator utilizes heavier build materials when compared to many of the circular screens on the market today.  For these reasons, SMICO recommends that users using or considering round screens take time to evaluate the benefits of the SMICO Vibroset.

Vibroset Vibrating Separators are a Great Alternative to Circular Screeners!

Here's how the Vibroset works: This vibrating separator is a two bearing screen with a centroidally mounted drive. It features a positive eccentric action for smoother operation, meaning less vibration transmission.  This industrial screener also utilizes sealed-for-life bearings.  With the many standard alternatives and options available, this machine can be custom fit to the screening application as well as your installation area.

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Vibroset Vibrating Separator

Basic Features

  • Quality:  Engineered for Long Service Life
  • Flexible: Easily Adjust Stroke for Your Application
  • Smooth:  Coil Spring or Lord Mount Isolation
  • Dependable:  Easy and Simple to Maintain
  • Efficient: Conveying Motion is Parallel to Sides
  • Versatile:  Customized with Our Many Special Features

More Options

  • High Temp Kits
  • Deck Heaters
  • Cable Hang Kit
  • Accepts Many Media Types
  • Food Grade Construction
  • Polyurethane Decks
  • Spray Bars
  • Aspiration
  • Stainless Construction
  • Many Additional Custom Options


Available Sizes

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Vibroset Vibrating Screeners have been successfully processing materials like those below for 60 years! 

  • Corn Meal
  • Baking Soda
  • Metal Flakes
  • Ceramic Beads
  • Wood Pellets
  • Orange Juice
  • Asphalt
  • and Much More!
Food Grade
Vibrating Engine
Stainless Steel