Shale Shaker

The SMICO Shale Shaker is a high speed, adjustable angle linear drive screener set up for oil field service.  The top mounted inertia coupled dual motor drive is dependable, adjustable and simple to repair with off the shelf motors and drive components. The strong linear action conveys solids with minimum degradation while the uphill action increases fluid throughput.  The deck angle is adjustable while drilling with a manually operated jack or optional electric system.

The SMICO Shale Shaker can be Customized to Your Specific Application!

For many dewatering screen and liquid/solid separation applications where durability, efficiency and adjustability are the primary consideration, the SMICO shale shaker is an excellent choice.

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Shale Shaker

Basic Features

  • Versatile: Deck Angle is Readily Adjustable While Drilling
  • Efficient:  Convey's with up to 6 G's of Force
  • Flexible: Easy Amplitude Adjustment Allows for Quick, Fine Tuning
  • Low Maintenance: Design ensures optimum screen life
  • Rugged: Reinforced Heavy Steel Plate Construction
  • Dependable: Inertia Coupled, Grease Lube, Readily Available Vibrating Motor Drive
  • Quality: Designed for the Rigors of Oil Field Service
  • High Capacity: Can Process up to 15 Barrels of Mud per Minute!

More Options

  • Possum Belly with Bypass Gate and Weir
  • Accepts a Variety of Screen Media
  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • Brute Force, Vibratory Motor or Elliptical Motion Drive
  • Wear Resistant Epoxy Coating
  • Spray Bars

Available Sizes

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  • Drilling Fluids
  • Waste Water
  • Washing Recycled Plastic
  • Washing Aggregate
Screen Variety
Poly Screen
Vibrating Engine
Wedge Screen