Rotary Sifter Overview

SMICO Rotary sifters are best suited for scalping or removing small amounts of oversize product. In addition, SMICO rotary sifters provide tremendous production capacities for the floor space and cost required.  Internal beater-bars move the material through the stationary screen cloth and along the machines axis and dispense the rejected product out a chute. Some de-lumping will occur so SMICO recommends that friable materials be processed on one of our other sifters.

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Rotary Sifter Overview

Basic Features

  • Highly Efficient Processing
  • Clean, Food Grade Construction
  • Smooth, Low impact Vibration
  • Dependable, Quality Construction
  • Low Maintenance, Easy Service
  • Customizable Versatility

More Options

  • Custom Inlets and Outlets
  • Custom Enclosures
  • Custom Legs & Support Structure
  • Custom Hopper
  • Replaceable Wear Liners
  • Rubber Isolation Elements
  • High Temp Kits
  • Custom Spouts and Chutes

Available Sizes

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  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Spices
  • Blended Ingredients
  • Cocoa
  • Food Additives
Poly Screen