Symons K-Bar Grizzly Screen

Symons Grizzly Screen Overview

The Symons Grizzly Screen is a rugged, high capacity primary scalper designed for use on openings from 2-8 inches.  Its simple, heavy-duty construction provides outstanding performance at a low cost.  Effective, vigorous vibration handles large tonnages under severe operating conditions.  In addition, the Grizzly Screener Vibration can be easily changed to meet varying production conditions.

Rates as High as 3000 TPH are Possible with the Symons Grizzly Screen!

 Active vibratory force, coupled with the unobstructed flow of material through the heavy-duty bars, gives the Symons Grizzly Screen its huge capacity while effectively eliminating undersize particles.  The powerful vibratory motion of the Symons Grizzly Screen is imparted to the rock as it first falls on the grizzly bars and quickly separates the smaller sometimes, sticky particles from the larger pieces.  As the material moves toward the discharge the smaller particles rapidly drop through the bar openings as the vibration gradually assumes a more horizontal, straight line motion.  In addition, if you need a custom aggregate feeder, SMICO has got you covered.  Just call one of our knowledgable sales reps to discuss your application and let us help you choose the right option!

Basic Features

  • Rugged Construction

The Symons Grizzly is ruggedly built for long life. The bars are made of manganese steel and are mounted in rubber for shock resistance.

  • Unmatched Capacity

Long unobstructed clear openings between the bars, coupled with extremely powerful action imparted by the vibrator, gives this Bar Grizzly a capacity far greater than would be expected of a machine in this class.

  • Low Maintenance

The bars are tapered end to end and top to bottom, so that there is no wedging of the material between the bars. The powerful, positive action enables this Bar Grizzly to handle very sticky material without clogging.

  • Compact Design
The Symons Grizzly Screen comes in 3 compact but efficient sizes ensuring that it will keep up with your production demands without unrealistic space requirements.


Available Size and Rates

The Symons Bar Grizzly Screener is Available in three widths - 42", 48" and 72".

 42" Grizzly48" Grizzly72" Grizzly
Screen SizeT.P.HOpeningT.P.HOpeningT.P.H Opening
3 bars9508.5"164510"--
4 bars    
9006.5" 15658.5"240012
6 bars7254.5"12855"22008
8 bars5503"9903.5"20005
10 bars5002"9102.5"15003
12 bars----1200



Successful Applications

  • Wet, Dry, or Stick Applications
  • Iron Ore
  • Coal
  • Rock
  • Minerals

Need Proof?  Watch Our Screen Test Videos!