SMICO Light or Heavy Duty Pan Feeder

SMICO Pan Feeders are constructed to meet your exact requirements. Your pan feeder design can be customized to meet either light or heavy duty applications and its construction can be either carbon steel or stainless steel. SMICO feeders routinely feed materials such as minerals and aggregates, industrial powders, and scrap steel and other recycled waste. Volumes up to 1000 TPH and above are possible.

SMICO Pan Feeders are Simple Yet Efficient!

We believe the key to your success is employing a simple yet effective design and customizing it to fit the exact needs of your application. You won't find a partner more willing to customize our designs to your specific needs than SMICO Vibratory.   We have a huge array of tools at our disposal to attack your project head on with confidence and experience. Our sales engineers are available now to talk with you about your upcoming vibrating feeder applications!

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SMICO Light or Heavy Duty Pan Feeder

Basic Features

  • No belts to maintain
  • Smooth conveyance action
  • Adjustable flow
  • Low Impact Vibration
  • Flow Rates of 60 FPM
  • Low Profile Construction
  • Widely Available Components
  • Light or HD Construction

More Options

  • High Temp Kit
  • Cable Hang Kit
  • Wear Resistant Liners
  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • Carbon or Stainless Construction
  • Variety of Drive Types Available 

Available Sizes

Due to the wide variety of options, please contact SMICO directly to discuss the size of your Pan Feeder.


  • Metal Recycling
  • Metal Castings
  • Plastic Powders and Pellets
  • Municipal Waste
  • Aggregates and Sand
  • Minerals and Abrasives
  • Industrial Powders
  • Wood Pellets
Cable Hang System
Vibrating Engine
Wear Liners
Heavy Duty