Flow Through Inline Sifter

The SMICO Flow Through Inline Sifter was designed to meet a growing demand for a compact, inline scalping sifter. SMICO readily accepted the challenge and the Flow Through Sifter was born.  Since then, this compact, industrial sifter has been deployed on many, many bagging lines across the United States and abroad. It features stainless steel product contact points as a standard feature with carbon steel structural elements. SMICO recommends using this screen with mesh sizes between 3 and 10 mesh. Other separation sizes may be possible depending your application.

The Flow Through Inline Sifter is Ready to Accept Your Food Grade or 3A Dairy Requirements!

In addition to its compact design, the Flow Through has a compact price. This is a great option for any user who requires low volume, scalping of free flowing powders at an economical price.  In addition, this industrial sifter is easy for inexperienced operators to install and maintain.  It hangs from four cables in its standard configuration and is powered by a .25 HP vibratory motor.  Common challenges readily accepted by the Flow Through Sifter are cement, sugar, flour, chemicals, and much more!    

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Flow Through Inline Sifter

Basic Features

  • Quick Change Screen Design
  • Clean, Food Grade Construction
  • Smooth, Low impact Vibration
  • Dependable, Quality Construction
  • Low Maintenance, Easy Service
  • Compact, Inline Screening

More Options

  • Food Grade Construction
  • Optional Quick Change Design
  • Explosion Proof Motor
  • Cable Hang Option
  • Inspection Ports
  • Optional Overs Spout

Available Sizes

View Complete List of Flow Through Inline Sifter Sizes


  • Flour
  • Cement
  • Sugar
  • Spices
  • Blended Ingredients
  • Cocoa
  • Powered Chemicals
Ball Deck
Screen Variety
Quick Change
Food Grade