The SMICO High Capacity Screener was originally created as a sand screen for the highly demanding frac sand market.   However, today its been specified for a variety of applications requiring accurate, high volume sizing in one unit.  The SMICO HC as its called by our customers, was also designed to be a very easy unit to own.  Pretensioned decks, a reliable drive mechanism and readily available parts make HC a great screening value.

The SMICO DH2 vibratory screener is a two bearing declined screener which is the standard of the SMICO line.  That's because it is highly adaptable and can be designed to suit a large variety of screening and feeding applications.  It was previously used for very tough Liquid/Solids separations and now has been fully engineered to provide an extremely durable unit for aggregates, industrial ingredients and just about any other high volume application requiring reliable screening.

The SMICO four bearing aggregate separator has proven effective in high volume aggregate, minerals and foundry applications throughout the world.  The four bearing design is especially effective in load-out applications where rates exceed 1000 TPH.  Many foundries prefer this drive design for their feeders, separators and screeners since loads are especially large and heavy duty construction is required.

The Vibroset Vibrating Screener is a light-duty screener.  It is recommended for applications where materials are being processed in volumes up to 15 tons per hour.  In spite of its light-duty classification, the Vibroset still exceeds many competitive screen designs in terms of build quality and strength.  If your circular screen is not performing as desired, the Vibroset is a great alternative.

The SMICO linear screener offers a highly efficient approach to screening.  In addition, this drive can be adapted to a variety of applications including feeding, conveying, scalping, sifting and classifying.  It's inertially coupled, dual shaft drive creates a linear motion which can propel material at speeds up to 60 fpm!

The SMICO Triple Shaft, Horizontal Screen uses three, geared drive shafts to create an oval shaped motion.  This motion has proven to be ideal for applications which demand accurate sizing at high volumes.  In addition to the industry standard features, SMICO has taken this design and added some unique features which offer our users even more value.

If you're looking for dewatering equipment look no further.  The V-Screen is perfect for applications requiring highly efficient sizing and dewatering of fine products.  The V-Screen utilizes a combination of rotation and vibration to generate centrifugal force more than five times the force of gravity.  A special configuration can be utilized which allows the V-Screen to become a highly efficient dewatering screener that handles separations are from 2 mesh and below.

SMICO has manufactured vibratory conveyors for a wide variety of applications including almonds, bacon bits, plastics and recycled waste.  Each vibratory conveyor is manufactured to our customer's specifications.  As a result we employ a variety of drive combinations and motions.  We have manufactured conveyors with brute force drives, vibratory motors, and natural frequency style drives.  Our flexible designs allow us to attack your application with the most effective solution. 

The SMICO rotary screener is best suited for scalping or removing small amounts of oversize product. In addition, the SMICO rotary screen provides tremendous production capacities for the floor space and cost required.  Internal beater-bars move the material through the stationary screen cloth and along the machines axis and dispense the rejected product out a chute. Some de-lumping will occur so SMICO recommends that friable materials be processed on one of our other sifters.

SMICO Rotary Separators offer more processing capability per square foot then conventional screeners.  This is due to the centrifugal motion the rotary separator creates.  In addition, the design lends itself to easy maintenance by offering quick, unrestricted access to the sieve chamber.  As a result of these features, these units are widely used  in the food and pharmaceutical industry among others.