For companies seeking the best processing equipment to meet low-volume screening needs associated with spice cleaning, sugar or fine metal powders, the SMICO Screenette Vibrating Screener provides a low-cost, low-capacity solution. The Screenette sets up complete and is immediately ready for use. We regularly recommend this equipment for labs, pilot plants and food-processing companies and other low-volume or high volume screening applications.

The SMICO company history is rooted in the Feed Processing and Milling industries.  In fact ,SMICO was once known as Southwest Milling Industrial Equipment Company.  Back then, the company was located in Chicago, IL and serviced all of the milling and feed processing companies who serviced the farmers who made up America's booming heartland.  No matter if you're scalping, cleaning, sizing or feeding SMICO has the experience and equipment to make your process efficient and productive.

SMICO has a 50-year track record of providing quality and value in oilfield drilling equipment. Throughout that history we've worked with some of the most recognized companies in the industry. We've established a reputation for doing what it takes to make our customers successful and satisfied. We specialize in OEM manufacture of shale shakers and custom shale shakers for clients with special solids control needs.

When you come to SMICO seeking recycling equipment solutions for handling your C&D or waste materials, you can count on certain things. One of these is that we will customize our equipment to suit your business, rather than trying to convince you that you can bend your process to use a one-size-fits-all equipment design. Instead of using a cookie-cutter approach with our equipment, we have based our business success over the past 70 years on communication, quality, customization and value.

SMICO is the leading manufacturer of screening equipment for bulk material handling. We stand behind our products with a track record that dates back to the founding of our company in 1937 and a commitment to the success of your company today and in the future. All of our machines are engineered and built to your specifications, based on our original engineering drawings.

Seventy years into the SMICO success story, SMICO equipment are stalwart performers in a number of industries requiring heavy duty equipment, including chemical processing, mining, and aggregates. SMICO is proud of the reputation for quality, value and service that has distinguished our company over the last 70 years. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to putting our experience to work for your company.

Seventy years into the SMICO success story, our SMICO VIBROSET™ screening equipment is a stalwart performer in a number of industries, including food and cereal manufacturing, processing of other food products such as sugars and spices, dairy products, fats and oils and flour and milling products. We build and assemble our screeners according to customer specifications in each of these industries. As a result, we give our customers an advantage in smooth and efficient plant operations without bloating their capital equipment budgets.

Companies throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico have been coming to SMICO to fulfill their aggregate equipment needs for decades. Despite our 70 years of successful history in providing equipment solutions for large and small industrial leaders, our commitment to taking an individual, hands-on approach to working with our customers remains essential to SMICO's DNA as a company.